what we offer?

Installation and assembly of HDPE and cast iron pipes in public and private works projects in national and international territory:

  • WWTP – Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • WWTP – Marine Water Desalination Plants
  • DWTP – Water Treatment Plants
  • Impulsion Collectors
  • Urbanizations and industrial estates
  • Directed boreholes
Sistema de Tubos - Grandes diámetros

The phases in which we intervene are:

  1. Verification of measurements and redesign of the installation if necessary, in collaboration with our client.
  2. Choice of the most suitable materials: pipes, valves, suction cups, connection fittings, design of special manholes, etc… Design of specific solutions for singular works
  3. Real economic valuation
  4. Advice on the design of the trench.
  5. Execution of the welding and assembly of the pipes.
  6. Pressure testing and certification of pressure tests.
  7. Disinfection and delivery
  8. Connections to existing networks and materials, if applicable

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