What we offer?

As a complement to our main activity, SISTEMAS DE TUBOS includes the rental of welding machines in its services.

We have more than 100 butt fusion, socket fusion and electrofusion welding machines, ranging from Ø20 to Ø1200, perfectly equipped and including the possibility of LDU modules for registration and traceability in welds. Our technical service checks and calibrates each machine before and after deliveries to always ensure a perfect state of operation.

Sistemas de Tubos - Superilles Barcelona

Wide catalog of products

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  • Butt welding machine DN 1200, with reduction rings at 1000-900-800
  • Butt welding machines DN 1000, with reduction rings at 900-800-710-630
  • Butt welding machines DN 800, with reducing rings to 710-630-560-500
  • Butt welding machines DN 630, with reduction rings at 560-500-450-400-355-315
  • Butt welding machines DN 500, with reduction rings at 450-400-355-315-280-250
  • Butt welding machines DN 355, with reduction rings to 315-280-250-225-200
  • Butt welding machines DN 315, with reduction rings at 280-250-225-200-180-160-140-125-110-90
  • Butt welding machines DN 250, with reduction rings to 225-200-180-160-140-125-110-90-75-63
  • Butt welding machines DN 200, with reduction rings at 180-160-140-125-110-90-75-63
  • Butt welding machines DN 160, with reduction rings at 140-125-110-90-75-63-50-40
  • Butt welding machines DN 110, with reduction rings to 90-75-63-50-40-32-25
  • Multivoltage electrofusion machines (sockets up to diameter 1200)
  • Multivoltage electrofusion machines (sockets up to 315 diameter)
  • Graft welding machines (large diameter) on site, with the possibility of exits at 315-250-200
  • Insert welding machines (small diameter) on site, with the possibility of exits at 160-125-110-90-63
  • Wire extruders
  • Generator sets up to 5Kva, 12Kva and 30Kva
  • Hydraulic groups for pressure tests

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