Client: EDAR Ibiza
Location: Ibiza


Sistemas de Tubos carried out works for the construction of the new WWTP in Ibiza in t.m. of Santa Eulalia, consisting of 3 different works:

  • New pumping station (EBAR) from the current WWTP to the new WWTP, located 4km away. Including interceptions with existing reception systems.

  • Pumping pipelines from the EBAR to the new WWTP (2 sections of DN 500 cast iron pipes of 4km each) and gravity-fed conveyance of treated water from the new WWTP to the current outfall, located next to the old WWTP (1 section HDPE pipe of DN 710 pn6-pn8-pn10 of 4km), plus auxiliary pipes of 200 and 160. Includes regulating, bypass, drain and suction cups.

  • New EDAR: sludge and drinking water lines with HDPE pressure pipes and with different diameters, up to 1200mm.

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