Our service ranges from the initial development stage, changes and improvements in the viability of the installation, up to execution, in all types of water supply pipeline networks (polyethylene and casting) and in individual actions, both in Spain and abroad.

  • WWTP – Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • SDP – Seawater Desalination Plants
  • DWTS – Drinking Water Treatment Stations
  • MO – Marine Outfalls (custom projects)
  • Impeller manifolds
  • Housing estates
  • Industrial estates
  • Targeted drilling

We participate in the following stages:

  1. Electronic format blueprint receipt
  2. Measurement verification and installation redesign where appropriate, in collaboration with our client
  3. Selection of the most suitable materials: pipes, valves, suction cups, connection fittings, design of special manholes etc … Design of specific solutions in one-off works
  4. Actual economic evaluation
  5. Trench design consultancy
  6. Execution of pipe welding and assembly
  7. Carrying out and certification of pressure tests
  8. Disinfection and delivery

Connections to existing networks and materials, where appropriate