SISTEMAS DE TUBOS It is dedicated to the marketing and installation of pipes and fittings for water and gas networks as well as the manufacture of engineered accessories, manifolds and special items as

The address of SISTEMAS DE TUBOS considered basic principles of management, carrying out its activities with a high level of quality that would ensure the achievement of results according to the needs of the customer.

Knowing these needs, the Department of SISTEMAS DE TUBOSQuality Policy set as creating a corporate culture in which each person is responsible for the quality of the work done by constantly improving processes and services offered at all levels of the organization. For this reason SISTEMAS DE TUBOSundertakes to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 referring to  “Installing HDPE pipes in fire networks and water and gas supplies in general. Pipe fitting PP and PVDF in industrial processes. Accessories manufacturing HDPE and PP manipulated. Manufacture of batteries for HDPE and PP counters. Manufacturing grooved pipe for landfill leachate deposits and biogas and biogas regulating stations HDPE. Rental welding machines. ” 

 Likewise, the Quality Policy SISTEMAS DE TUBOS It is based on the following principles:

  • Leadership

Leadership in the promotion and dissemination of the commitment to quality management, the importance of doing things right the first time, providing the necessary resources for ensuring the improvement and efficiency of the service, reporting the Quality Policy and ensuring proper compliance with the quality management system.

  • Customer satisfaction

Meet customer needs, providing cutting-edge service, in accordance with the rules and legislation governing the sector, as well as their needs and expectations, which maximize the efficiency, safety and delivery of our service (compliance services).

  • continuous improvement

Process management guarantees developed with the application of tools established improvement, a proactive search for opportunities for improvement, based on the early detection of deviations from established standards, with the consequent implementation of Action Plans and a high and constant quality levels. This is summarized in:

  • Speed ​​and flexibility in responding to customer
  • efficient processes
  • permanent control to ensure rapid response in case of detected adverse effects of any of the products.


  • Personal development

To achieve the objectives is vital to obtain the commitment of staff, encouraging their motivation through continuous training and development plan will result in a professional and reliable service.

  • Communication

Establish levels of communication and the content or scope thereof. Communication is an essential tool for the involvement of staff and maintain their motivation.

  • Environment

Minimizing the impact on the environment and preventing pollution of the environment.

The quality policy will be reviewed annually, communicated to all employees and made available to the public

Directorate PIPE SYSTEMS undertakes to encourage and make required of all operating units of the company to contribute, to the extent they are concerned, to comply with the Quality Policy




Date: 31.12.2019